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ISCoS 2023 Themes

  • Cardiovascular Physiology/Pathology – Cardiovascular physiology changes and pathology are critical both in the acute and chronic phase and are becoming more important with the changes of SCI epidemiology (increasing number of subjects with advanced age).

  • Current Advances in Bowel Management – Bowel management represents a priority for individuals with an SCI. Understanding the pathophysiology of bowel dysfunction and the recent advancements in bowel treatment becomes fundamental for the care of patients with SCI.

  • Nutrition and Metabolism – Understanding the effect of nutrition and metabolism changes after a SCI  on neurological recovery both in the acute and chronic phase.

  • Robotics/Electrical Stimulation – Robotic rehabilitation or substitution for lost functions and spinal cord electrical stimulation are emerging issues in the care of patients with SCI.

  • Sports & Exercise – Sports and exercise are important for subjects with SCI both in the rehabilitation phase and after discharge. Exploring the physical, psychological and social benefits of sport and exercise in subjects with SCI.

  • Translational Research, time for a critical update? The need for prognostic markers for recovery. – Critical revision of the neuro-protective and neuro-restorative trials coming to an end in this period. Identification of biological and imaging markers to predict recovery in order to better stratify patients.

Submissions are welcome in other SCI topics.

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